A draped life cast with a Roman Grecian feel it has been created and crafted from one of our top models within our sculpture studio here in Sharnbrook. I have had the privilege of working with many models over the same number of years that I have been life casting, but ROSA named after my No 1 model Rosemary is the perfect studio model whether it be sculpting , body painting , photography , drawing, sketching & painting , Rosemary made this piece possible, Thank you.

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Rob Riches is the MAN his body is as God had intended, fit, fast, and creative. To work with Rob was a pleasure he brings so much energy, thought, and creativity to the table. He is one of Englands World Champions and I am pleased he was able to work with our team at BODY SCULPTURE in the UK to develop this incredible casting of a male torso.

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is a new model on the block she is young and exciting, flexible and full of youthful ideas. This piece came from our first life casting session with Emily one of Rosemarys prodigys. They came along to my studio to give Emily a try as a studio model well the result speaks for itself, I look forward to my next casting session with her the creator of this fantastic piece Venecia. Thank you and good luck to your future in modelling.

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came out of a life casting session many years ago from one of my first models Carly. It was a hit a superb piece in its time. This piece of sculpture has been intensely reworked and now re-launched for this collection. Carly is very much a lady of the world big then and even bigger now. Yes! We still work together as all of these models, with new ideas and ever more evolving pieces from our company Body Sculpture we look forward to the year 2013.

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this is a fine piece of sculpture in our collection. As for all castings a mould is taken directly from the models body and a cast taken from the mould to create this astonishing piece of sculpture. Kerry is a fantastic model and works well with our team here at BODY SCULPTURE studios, she also brings along a vast amount of creativity, experience & knowledge from her many years as a artists model.

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