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What is Lifecasting?

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What is Lifecasting?

Life Casting is a mould taken from any part of a persons body. When cast this life casting is a unique piece of fine art that can be wall mounted, stood, or even suspended. When lit it can be displayed in your home, studio, office or workplace.

These sculptures can be so sensuous that they become the height of conversation for many years to come. So step into our world of life casting and enjoy the beauty of your own body or the body of your loved one.


Each body is unique and special in its own right. By taking a mould directly from the body, the shape and all the details and expressions that make each person unique are captured.

A lifecasting captures the body like no other art form. And because they are 3D means that they can be touched and viewed from all angles unlike a photograph or painting.

Artists have been trying over many years of history to refine the art of capturing the human body. The Body Sculpture studio, with its up to date R & D, now produces life castings like no other in the world. The detail and form with its internal and external expressions allows only parts of the person's personality to venture through the final sculpt.

Rob Riches a World Body Building Champion
Incredible Detail in Body Cast / Life Cast

Preserving Memories in Three Dimensions

A Lifecasting is a memory that one can reach out and touch. It is also a way of recording the changes in the life of the body: A Lifecasting might be made of a woman while she is pregnant or of a child's hands at different ages. Lifecasting goes beyond the boudoir photo and one can be made of even the most sensitive and intimate parts of the body. Prospective clients are invited to visit Ken's studio to meet him or to see works displayed at his studio and private gallery.

Lifecasting by "Body Sculpture"

Artist Ken Clarke worked at Shepperton Film Studios and for 35 years travelled the world working in the film industry. Ken's moulding and lifecasting abilities have been seen around the world on many films such as in all four Star Wars films, The Indiana Jones Movies and many more to date.

Even today many craft departments within the film industry use Ken's lifecasting skills. This requires him to take moulds off film stars, TV stars and top glamour models for the manufacturing of body parts for special effects etc.

In the past Ken has taught his skills at degree level to students and runs his own company "Body Sculpture" with his wife Jenny that attracts private commissions from individuals and couples who are interested in preserving their bodies as an art object.

Ken Clarke is also one of three directors of Beaumont Hall Studios and a founder member of The Guild of Erotic Artists. Ken Clarke has also been seen supporting his aforementioned company at Erotica year on year
Ken Clarke taking a mould for a bodycast

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