What is the Lifecasting / Bodycasting Process?

The Process

The lifecasting process is very quick. Once you are comfortable in the surroundings and happy with your pose, your partner applies oils. Once that's done, most moulds take less than 30 to 40 mins to complete and remove.

The products used are natural and non-toxic and the primary moulding materials can even be used internally. In some ways the lifecasting process is like going to a spa for a body wrap or a mud bath.

The moulding stage is the most important stage, as it from this mould that the final life cast will be taken. Once the mould is removed, the lifecasting sculpture is cast and the final sculpture is hand finished and left to dry for three or four weeks and then sprayed and finished ready for you to pick up.

Once a satisfactory casting has been taken, the mould is destroyed. Thus guarantees the uniqueness of the cast as a one off limited edition of yourself.

The final sculpture is not just a piece of art it is actually collaboration between the artist, the person commissioning the lifecast and the person who is the subject of the lifecasting.

The Life casting Process Explained

What we can Mould

In a few words; "Anything you can imagine!" There is nothing in the world like your very own sculpture of you or your partner or of both of you as a couple. Holding hands, hands on your partner. If you can imagine it we can mould it and cast it like no other life casting. The only difference between the mould that comes off you and a body wrap is that you have a piece of sculpture at the end to keep and hand down through the family for many years to come.

So don't leave it too long as prices go up when your body parts go down. It is called gravity!

Couple Cast together - incredible attention to detail

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Stage 1 Lifecasting Process - Sketch concept

Stage 1

Stage 2 Lifecasting Process - Skin Test

Stage 2

Stage 3 Lifecasting Process - Perfect the Pose

Stage 3

Stage 4 Lifecasting Process - Start making the Mould - apply alginate

Stage 4

Stage 5 Lifecasting Process - Making the Mould - Build Frame

Stage 5

Stage 6 Lifecasting Process - The Cast

Stage 6

Stage 7 Lifecasting Process - Finishing

Stage 7

Stage 8 Lifecasting Process - Final Installation of Commissioned piece

Stage 8