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Erotica Show Guide '04

A write up on Ken Clarke for the 2004 Erotica Exhibition.

    Erotica Show Guide Editorial

Jade Magazine

JADE is the International Erotic Art & Literature Magazine. The only erotica magazine published in the UK to be awarded membership of both The Association of Erotic Artists (formerly The Association of British, Commonwealth and European Erotic Artists) and The Guild of Erotic Artists. They have written a wonderful Biography on Ken Clarke.

    Ken Clarke Biography in Jade

Forum Magazine

Forum wrote a piece on Ken Clarke's work prior to the Erotica 2005 Show

    Forum Magazine Editorial


The Casting Couch - Written By The BBC - 10/11/05

Ken Clarke's career has taken him from working on several of the biggest films of the twentieth century to making intimate sculptures from moulds of people's bodies. We visited him at his Berkshire studio to talk about his career and the work...

    BBC's online Editorial on Ken Clarke

Black Meringue

A piece on Ken Clarke and Body Sculpture in Black Meringue

6 page write-up in "Black Meringue"

    Black Meringue Magazine


Film Companies

Ken Clarke has worked with many International Film Companies throughout his Film & TV Career

    • Paramount (Young Sherlock Holmes, Lady Jane)
    • 20th Century Fox (Alien)
    • Disney
    • Columbia (Young Winston, Midnight Express)
    • American International (Wuthering Heights)
    • Working Title (Paper House, Camden Town Boy)
    • Zaltman Films Ltd
    • Lucas Films UK Ltd (Indiana Jones Productions 1,2,3)
    • Oz Production Ltd (Return to Oz, Muppets)
    • Chapter 111 Productions Ltd (Star Wars, Revenge of the Jedi, Empire Strikes Back)
    • Warner Brothers
    • Henson�s Org Ltd (Dark Crystal)
    • Lost Ark Productions Ltd (Raiders)
    • Hawk Films Ltd (The Shining)
    • Dovemead Ltd (Superman Part 1 & 11)
    • Amjo Production Ltd (Pink Panther Strikes Again)
    • Andor Film Ltd (Sinbad)
    • Filmco International Productions Inc (Mohammad the Messenger of God)
    • 2 Roads Production Ltd (Royal Flash)
    • Trans Continental Film Productions (Great Expectations)
    • Richard Alan Simmonds Productions Ltd (Juggernault)
    • De-Luxe Production (Jewels)
    • Cinema Havana SA (Havana)
    • Toontown Ltd (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)
    • The Stone Group Ltd (Jewel in the Nile)
    • Hugh Hudson Film (Greystoke Tarzan of the Apes)
    • Woodfall Ltd (Joseph Andrews)

    plus many many more...


    Ken has also worked with some of the greatest and finest directors and producers the film Industry can be proud of

      • Stephen Spielberg
      • George Lucas
      • Alan Parker
      • Ken Russell
      • Sam Wanamaker
      • Richard Attenborough
      • Romen Polansky
      • James Cameron
      • Jim Henson
      • Terry Gillingham
      • Stanley Kubrick
      • Frank Oz
      • Ridley Scott
      • Robert Zemeckis

      plus many many more...


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