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The Body Sculpture Studio

Ken Clarke in the Studio

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The Body Sculpture studios are where the lifecasting work takes place. They also house a private gallery which can only be viewed when you commission a piece.


In order to capture the essence of a person who is sitting for a lifecasting it is important that they feel comfortable. Ken has applied all of his many years experience to set up an environment that is comfortable, private and safe. All the lifecasting studio working areas are run at 25c (75f), to ensure your comfort.

Before every modelling session, Ken meets with the client at the studio to review the lifecasting process and discuss the pose that they are most interested in. At this stage it is very important as artists and sculptors that we give our experience and input to create the best for our clients before the actual moulding commences.

The client is encouraged to bring along their partner or a friend both to the initial consultation, and also to the moulding session to observe or even to take photographs. With your initial consultation, you will also be invited to view the private gallery to see the possibilities of lifecasting.

Ken Clarke explaining casting process for a couple Ken Clarke explaining casting process for a couple

Incredible Detail in Body Cast / Life Cast


Within our studio all the materials and products are used internally and are medical based. So what is safe on the inside can only be safe on the outside. These products have been designed and developed over many years both for the safety of you, the public, and for us, the artists.

We also work very close with our suppliers to understand all new materials and up to date technology. You will also be guided through every step of all procedures for your own safety. We have found that common sense and normal workshop practices are the order of the day. Remember it is a day that we want you to remember like no other.