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The School of Lifecasting

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Over the last few decades sculptor Ken Clarke has been at the forefront of erotic lifecasting and body sculpting, not only in the quality and refinement of his work, but by developing cutting edge sculpting techniques and technologies which have brought him both wide acclaim and a much deserved reputation for excellence.

In recent months Ken has been laying ambitious plans for the future of lifecasting and is now unveiling them with the launch of his School of Lifecasting. Now, for the first time in the UK there will be a place where budding sculptors can get one to one tuition, guidance and mentoring from one of the industrys leading exponents of the craft.

With over 40 years of experience Ken Clarkes expertise will prove invaluable to those wishing to embark on a new artistic venture, or for those looking to hone their skills and take on a fresh new challenge.

And because Ken is opting to keep the private workshop classes and lectures small in number, it means those attending will be able to get the most from his tutelage. The courses will also range in length, from the basic one day introductory course to the longer and more in depth 2, 3 and 5 day courses all of which will be one to one tuition with Ken.

Ken Clarke teaching the life casting process Ken Clarke demonstrating a bottom casting

Business - How to grow with Body Sculpture

The courses however will not simply confine themselves to learning the skills and techniques of life casting (though these will form the bulk of the programme), but will also cover a myriad of necessary business skills which will allow the students to progress their ambitions and create their own brand and product. Areas covered will include marketing, pricing and selling; art galleries, systems and commission percentages; how to make a living in your new career; health and safety; skin testing; moulding procedures and even how to pose your subjects and get the best from them. There will also be additional support from Ken in the form of business service and protocol materials, castings and photo archives.

It is rare that someone so well regarded in his field offers others the opportunity to learn from them and to move the art form forward into a new generation.

For further information about our classes or to book a class with Ken please call +44 (0)1234 783587.

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